Hired packaging

Packaging solutions-possibilities
  • 4 side-seal bag
  • Standing pouch
  • Edge-sealed bag
  • Doy-pack with zip-lock
  • Gastro-HORECA style pouch
Boxes, bottles, mills
  • Glass bottles and spray bottles
  • Plastic jars and spray plastic jars
  • Grinding mills (glass and plastic)
  • Metal box
  • Associated (multi-layer) paperbox
Product- possibilities
  • Paprika , herbs and spices, spice mixes packed in different package form
  • Baking materials and preservatives
  • Salt,gelatine,rice,lemon-acid,starch, baking powder, dried yeast, savour sugars
  • Drink powders, nutrition supplements
  • Herbs and herbal tea mixes
  • Cocoa and tea
  • Almonds,nuts,pistachio,dry seeds  and mixes
  • Dessicated and dried fruits