For the quality


The basic objective of the company is to win and retain the trust of our Customers by satisfying their demands.

For this:

  • we build up, operate and certify our quality assurance system according to the requirements of the standard IFS.
  • observe the changes of the market demands in order to be able to react to them as soon as possible
  • owing to our size we provide rapid, flexible service
  • we select our suppliers in a manner that the products supplied comply with the requirements
  • the production is performed under appropriate hygienic circumstances, with special regard to the permanent control of the microbiological characteristics of the finished product, for this we apply the HACCP principles
  • by means of trainings we would like to achieve that quality work performance becomes an attitude of every employee of the Ltd.

The management of the Ltd. is committed for the performance of these tasks and provides the required resources.

Our motto:

"We obtain and keep the unlimited trust of our customers!”


Szeged-Szőreg, 2004.11.10.