Scope of application of the degerminator equipment:

Reduction of the germ number of spices, dried goods (spice pepper semi-finished product, vegetables) by means of steam, then re-drying of the germ-weakened material to the initial moisture content and during this the cooling of the product. The equipment is suitable for the sterilization of following spices (pepper, cumin, coriander, mustard-seed etc.). The advantage of the equipment is that the germ number is reduced only by means of steam produced by steam generator, so chemical, radioactive or micro-wave materials are not required. The performance of the equipment is 130 kg/hour (in case of spice pepper semi-finished product)

Operation of the degerminator equipment:

The equipment is in continuous operation. The material to be handled is transported by means of a feeder to the steam chamber, the streaming material quantity is infinitely variable with the help of a frequency converter. In the tunnel a transport pulley supplies the material to the discharge opening. Owing to the double-wall execution of the heat treatment tunnel the high-pressure, high-temperature steam produced by the steam generator heats the tunnel shell, which transfers the heat to the material to be cured, due to this the number of microorganisms decrease. The re-cooling of the sterilized material is performed in a pulley, with air produced by fans. Then the product arrives at a bagging station, where the packaging is performed. The optimum load of the heat treatment equipment can be ensured with the adjustment of the revolution number of the feeder pulley and the heat treatment tunnel transport pulley. Every surface of the equipment in contact with materials is made of stainless steel. In the steam chamber the temperature and the steam pressure can be regulated. The moisture content of the finished product is continuously controlled.