Company information

The company R-COOP 3 KFT. was established in 1994 as a completely domestic venture. The company currently operates at two sites in the Szeged region: in Szeged-Szőreg we deal with degermination, packaging, collective packaging and storage and in Mórahalom with spice pepper production and grinding.

These activities are realized by following means:

  • Grinding equipment, product-dependant, approx. 300 tons/year, operates as one unit. It is suitable for further grinding tasks of dried corn and pre-ground spices and vegetables and for the separation according to size.
  • Mixing equipment, which is suitable for the mixing of spices, dried vegetables, seasonings in a quantity of approx. 240 tons/year.
  • Packaging basis, which is suitable for the packaging of leaf-bag products, hose-bag products and customized bag products. The total capacity of the aggregate is approx. 35-40 million/year.
  • Warehouse basis, which is suitable for the storage of raw, auxiliary and packaging materials related to the existing activities and for the temporary storage of finished-products, approx. 450 square metres. We have the material handling devices required for the storage.
  • We have our own trucks as forwarding vehicles, which have a capacity of 3,5 and 0,7 tons respectively.
  • We operate an administration system, which consists of an internal computer network and the related office equipment.

Purchase basis related to the existing activity:

For the manufacturing of our own products within contractual frames we use dried vegetables produced and prepared in Hungary, the other auxiliary and packaging materials are also procured from Hungarian suppliers, based on long-term relationships established. A part of the materials in connection with the wage labour is purchased by our customer, but we also participate in the purchase of domestic raw materials, mainly based on our existing business relationships.

Existing market:

The sale of our own products is realized on contractual basis by supplying into wholesale network. The sales cycle is stable, it shows a slightly increasing extent, it amounts to approx. 50% of our turnover.

Approx. 20% of the turnover is resulting from vegetable and spice wholesale activities, the major part is domestic and only a small portion is export.

The average personnel of the company was 39 persons in 2017.