Our own products

About us

R-COOP 3 KFT was established in 1994 as a wholly domestic company and is currently engaged in the production of its own flavorings, spices packaging and wholesaling. These activities are implemented through the following means:

The grinding equipment is product-dependent, it is about 300 t / year, it works as a unit. Suitable for drying grain and crushed spices and vegetables for further crushing processes by size separation.

Mixing equipment suitable for mixing spices, vegetable sauces and mixed condiments for about 240 t / year.

Packing base suitable for leaf pocket products, hose bag products and packaged pocket products. The total capacity of the machine group is about 35 - 40 million pieces / year.

A warehouse base suitable for the temporary storage of basic, auxiliary and packaging materials and finished products related to the existing activities is approximately 450 m2. We have the material handling equipment needed for warehousing.

We have freight vehicles with 3.5 tonnes and 0.7 tons of loads.

We have an administrative system, consisting of an internal computer network and related office technology equipment.